Monday, January 31, 2011

Ramblings from the Indian Ocean

Hey all,
to those who may or may not be following my blog regularly, you may have noticed my posts being random and sporadic, a collection of incoherent and awkwardly stitched together blurbs. The internet has been really touch and go here in the Eastern Cape. I don't have a strong enough signal to post pictures yet and I have been super busy with class and such, so things are a bit crazy, but in an absolutely, unequivocally amazing way. Thanks for the love and support,

from the Indian ocean,

Here is the first piece of poetry I have written in years, written last night after a walk across the Wild Coast. Hope you enjoy:


pieces of trees,
pieces of the whole,
now driftwood,
temporarily occupied
as a tiny levee
on a winding beach.
as if,
by chance,
something decided that
these branches
would be better as
and not as branches.
salt water fills
wood pores
and, ironically,
desiccates the tissue
before the alter
of an entire ocean.

I question the rationale,
behind moving things
just so they are moved.
Seeing things just because
they are seen.
Doing things just because they
must be done.
If driftwood has taught me
its ‘never employ yourself as a
wave break’.
let the waters flow.

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  1. "I question the rationale,
    behind moving things
    just so they are moved."

    ^ This.