Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brief Dissertation on Life

There are layers to life. There are concentric circles, the lines between which are fluid and dynamic. To try and separate any one of these from all others is like pulling a lens from a telescope--the picture gets blurry, the objects loose focus and the beauty is obscured by your arrogant attempt at segregation. The nature of life is holistic, it is emergent and complex in essence and fundamentally reducible only into parts that are equally as complex. Life is a series of greater and lesser infinities, stretching further beyond and further inside any one notion that you might ever hope to know. The greatest folly of man is the assumption of truth; surely, Socrates was right when he said:

“Wisest is he who knows he knows nothing.”

            Wisdom is the acknowledgment of ignorance, the inevitability of naivety in the face of an overwhelming everything. We are all fools, greater and lesser fools. We are all children at the feet of our cosmic mother--the universe is a puzzle and we can barely lift the pieces. This is the world we shall pass onto our children and our tradition of hubris shall be the vehicle for that passage. Be free and acknowledge the impossibility of understanding and the beauty of our innocence within this transient reality. Love with a heart that needs no reasoning, have compassion with the knowledge that a life is lived only once, feel for this world in a way that blurs the line between the self and the non-self, between your heart and all others. Accept the limits of your small hands, all ye’ weak and persistent Sisyphus’, and push your boulders until your calluses are raw and bleeding.

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  1. Dear Mario,

    This is too deep for me! I am wondering if you are smoking anything? I am happy to see you quoting Socrates, I knew you liked him, but you forgot to say meow. I was not aware that in-between those layers of life you were communicating with the cat.

    Love Mom:)