Friday, April 15, 2011

Peace Corps Assignment: Honduras

Hello Friends,
     As of this week, I have accepted an offer to be a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras for the next 2 and a half years. I will be serving as a Protected Areas Management Advisor somewhere within the cloud forests, or in the indigenous wilderness, or along the pristine coast. The assignment involves advising policy and management for protected areas as they interact and conflict with local farmers and livelihoods. It seems like I just got back from South Africa yesterday--certainly the entire experience is still reverberating in my mind--but its already almost time for another adventure. My current itinerary is as follows:

July 6th: Leave for Honduras
July 7th: In country trainging
September 23rd (2011): Project Assignment begins
September 20th (2013): Assignment complete

     Looking at the information I have received so far, I am not sure how much contact I will be able to maintain as Honduras is the 3rd poorest and least developed country in the Western Hemisphere (behind Haiti and Nicaragua). I may be able to keep the blog up (at best) and or may be limited to one or two phone calls home every month (or two), it really depends and I won't know till I am at "home" in country. Still, I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Thanks for all the love and support.

excited, nervous and with no idea what to expect,
little hupo

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