Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My new, new Peace Corps assignment

Hello friends,
     Strange news from the "trying to plan my life" department: As of two weeks ago, my Honduras assignment was canceled by the Peace Corps due to budget issues and, presumably some large-scale cuts. Since then, I have been offered a variety of new positions from Sub-saharan Africa, to West Africa to South America. I have chosen the South American position and will now be serving for 27 months in Paraguay starting on September 25th.
      In the meantime, I have had to find a bunch of other endeavors to occupy this seeming "dead time" between returning from South Africa and leaving for the PC. For now, I will be volunteering several times a week at the Rodale Institute, an organization that works with organic farming and development initiatives. Also, I am working with the infamous Professor Petra Tshakert from Penn State (also part of the team in South Africa) to co-author a paper (or two) on gender/climate change issues. In additions, I will be working on a research proposal with Petra and several other professors in the coming months. In my free time, I should have some room for free-lance landscaping (the Plantique gig has run its course), and probably hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend Jacqueline. Life is crazy, but good indeed. Here's to budget cuts, bureaucracy and yet another gorgeous country. Paraguay, here I come...just not quite yet. In the meantime...

Much love,
little hupo

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